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Interior design is far more than the common misconception of large vases, statement art pieces and bold hues painted on walls – in fact, it encompasses room layouts, room conversions, storage solutions, practical function design and restoration… alongside the painting, decorating and accessorising you may have conjured up mentally as you read the phrase. Throughout Hampshire, Refresh Renovations’ team of specialists are creating beautiful interior design delighting homeowners; and you may just be surprised at how much we do.

What aspects of interior design do Refresh undertake?

Our approach to Interior Design (and indeed all other renovations) is conclusive and all-encompassing, so your project is managed by dedicated staff from end-to-end. This means that, from conception to completion, we work on:
- Interior design
- Interior decorating
- Home wide renovations
- Painting
- Carpentry
- Listed building restoration
- Architectural renovation designs and decorating
- External home renovation designs and decorating
- Kitchen design
- Bathroom design
- Bedroom design

What are the trends in interior design at the moment?

The periwinkle blue chosen by Pantone to be ‘colour of the year’ for 2022 has really found popularity through interior design in the first half of the year and this shows no signs of waning – we believe it may be colour of the year for the next few too! Other trends in interior design over the last few years in Hampshire include the inclusion of natural materials, an influx in multi-use rooms (sparked by the need for home offices where they didn’t already exist) and as ever, smart storage solutions to hide clutter.

How much does interior design cost?

Interior design fees vary hugely based on the project scope – but we promise we won’t be dropping the kind of price tag your favourite celebrities are forking out for and discussing in property magazines! The best way to get an accurate quotation for your project is to invite round a Refresh Consultant for a free, no-obligation home visit.

Why choose Refresh for interior design?

We manage every project from start to finish; never leaving site until the job is done and all parties are happy. Our fixed price quote is inclusive of everything and every detail is managed is for you – it’s a win-win!

Will I need planning permission for any interior design?

If your property is listed, is located in a conservation area or significant architectural intervention is required, there may be a need for planning permission. The good news is, Refresh manage fantastic working relations with the Hampshire planning authorities and will manage the whole process as part of standard operational service – but if you would prefer to proceed without, we can help you do that too!

What areas do Refresh Hampshire operate in?

Refresh Hampshire take care of interior design in Southampton, Eastleigh, Petworth, Petersfield, Andover and the surrounding areas.

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