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Despite your home being the ideal choice for you at one point in your life, you may find that your circumstances have changed and if your home ticks all the right boxes in terms of location, you may now need to alter some of the structural elements of your home. This might include moving some of the walls or even changing the entire floor plan and layout of the house as a whole.
The main aim of any structural renovation should be to ensure that your home is exactly what you need it to be to suit your lifestyle now, but with the added benefit of increasing your useable living space and the value of your home. This is where Refresh Renovations Leeds can help.

What are the different types of structural renovations?

Depending on your existing home and what home improvements you are looking to make, you can consider a wide variety of structural renovations. These include: 
- Extensions
- Loft conversions
- Garage conversions
- Basement construction
- Floor plan redesigning
- Re-plumbing and re-wiring the house 

What is popular in structural renovations? 

Just like many of the renovations that you can do to your home, you will find that there are popular and regularly changing trends in the types of structural renovations people choose to undertake. 
Many people are thinking about how they can transform their current kitchen into a large open plan living space that is not only beautifully designed but also fully functional and family-friendly too. And with more and more people looking for ways to accommodate their new ability to work from home, structural renovations to create loft and garage conversions or basement construction projects for new home offices are now regularly undertaken.

How much does a structural renovation cost?

The cost of a structural renovation will really depend on the work that you want to have carried out on your property. An extension can cost as much as £30,000- £60,000 and a loft conversion is often similar.
Simply knocking out a wall can cost around £1000-£3000 depending on the complexity of the wall; some things to consider will be, does it have services, electric or plumbing which requires moving.
At £6000-£12,000 a garage conversion or a new bathroom are much cheaper options.
There are other costs associated with the changes that you want to make, your Refresh Renovation Specialist will be able at an early stage of the process to determine what budget is required for the full project. 

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Here at Refresh Renovation Leeds, we know just how important any structural work is when it is carried out on your home. This means our team of industry professionals will work hard to make sure that it becomes everything that you need and more. We are experts in a variety of aspects of structural renovations and can offer advice and guidance on whether or not what you want is going to be achievable or if there will be any issues or challenges along the way. 

Will I need planning permission for a structural home renovation? 

Seeing as you are changing the main layout of your property, it is possible you are going to need to apply for planning permission. However, this is not always the case as some developments and changes to your property can be done under permitted development rights. It is recommended you always consult an expert on planning permission to see what they suggest you do for your proposed home improvements. Our Refresh Leeds specialist will be able to guide you through any local regulations your project may require and will be your one point of contact throughout your structural renovation.

What areas do Refresh Renovations cover?

Refresh Leeds offers structural renovation services in Wakefield, Central Leeds, Pontefract, Horsforth, Roundhay, Calverley and many other surrounding areas.

Will I need a Structural engineer? 

Inevitably when any major structural works are undertaken within a property, you will require a structural engineer to calculate the weight being held by the structure. This enables your Renovation team to identify exactly what structural supports will be required during the build stage. A structural engineer can cost between £200- £450 for a visit, and most tend to charge per wall for calculations.

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