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A partially converted barn.

Long the domain of luxury property programmes on TV and the glossy pages of interior design magazines, barn conversions are the ultimate home transformation dream and very rarely go out of fashion or demand. Nestled into countryside landscapes, they’re minimalist, naturally coloured and rarely overly tall or sophisticated in their design so prove a popular choice for homeowners looking for ways to stamp their mark on property. 

What aspects of barn conversions do Refresh undertake?

Creating an entirely bespoke living space that’s packed with individual character, homeliness and love is a once-in-a-life that appeals to many, and a project Refresh North Yorkshire are happy to embark on with our end to end process in order to achieve ultimate success. These are the aspects of barn conversions we can help you with:
- Traditional Barn Conversions
- Barn Conversion Extensions
- Conservation Planning Permission
- Roofing
- Design and Build
- Restoration
- Exteriors

What are the trends in barn conversions? 

Barns are a typical feature of the English countryside, with many having become redundant over the years. These buildings offer vast amounts of space, oozing light and when done well, can be transformed into amazing abodes. With their high ceilings, they create a dramatic look, especially when restored wooden beams take centre stage and feature staircases, galleried landings and open plan kitchens are all top (rarely changing!) trends that lend themselves perfectly to barn conversions.

How much does a barn conversion cost?

A large determining factor in the cost of barn conversions is the size of the barn in question. Barn conversions are typically more expensive than new builds per square metre, so expect to pay upwards of £1500+ per square metre. 
Retaining and carefully upgrading the existing structure and fabric of the building can be a costly exercise. However, the character and history it preserves can be priceless.

Why choose Refresh for converting a barn?

Refresh North Yorkshire is an established, reputable company that has had the pleasure of providing service to satisfied customers across the region. We are professional and knowledgeable individuals who work as an efficient, punctual team to deliver excellent customer service for every client. Refresh’s extensively trained and vastly experienced staff continually build strong relations and maintain rapport with all clients from start to finish as part of our design and build management system.

Will I need planning permission to convert a barn? 

In most cases, planning permission won’t need to be sought for a barn conversion; but a conversation should always be held with the local planning authority to understand exactly what does need to be planned, discussed and sought. It is often a case more of navigating the complex planning legislation and regulations that are in place rather than applying for outright planning permission – so clever planning is critical, and back-up plans should be in place in case of no outright acceptance.
Even where barns are listed buildings, it doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing can be achieved design-wise with them. For the most part, barns for sale are no longer in use and most local authorities would much rather see land in their areas used than abandoned and left to fall into disrepair.
If a full extension is being planned, most local authorities will require full planning permission protocol to be undergone. In order to maximise your chances of having your plans accepted, it is always recommended that you involve the relevant authorities from the outset.
Refresh North Yorkshire will be able to guide you through any local regulations your project may require and will be your one point of contact throughout the whole renovation process.

What areas do Refresh Operate in?

Refresh North Yorkshire take care of renovation projects in Bedale, Harrogate, York, Wetherby and the surrounding areas.

Can Refresh help me construct a new build property? 

Most barn conversions and builds take place on rural land – and finding such a place that is suitable for the construction of a new home can be tricky. Planning laws tend to (understandably) restrict development in green locations and so even if you find the perfect place, it may not be possible to build on it.
If you decide this is the route for you, we’d recommend you set up alerts on relevant property and land websites and with estate agents covering the geographical locations you’d like your barn to be so that you’re kept informed of any new properties or locations that come to the market.
Once a suitable location has been identified, Refresh North Yorkshire can take the project lead, helping to design and build a barn conversion style new build which will be sympathetic to the area, in line with planning advice, and comfortable and stylish as your new home. 

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