Queenstown/Wanaka Interior Designers

modern luxury interior design

If you are looking for interior design support in Central Otago, Refresh Renovations can help. Whether you are developing stylistic bedroom ideas or want to completely change the look of your home interior, your local Renovation Consultant can deliver. Refresh specialises in every stage of the renovation process: from architectural designs and builds through to interior design and decorating. 

What interior design services do Refresh Renovations Queenstown/Wanaka offer?

Your local Refresh Renovations Consultant will provide you with a bespoke plan that suits your needs and budget. Services include:
- Home renovation designs, builds + installations
- Project management
- Colour consultations
- Sourcing bespoke homewares
- Room decoration
- Interior painting
- Kitchen designs
- Bathroom designs
- Bedroom designs
- Full home designs
- Lighting plans and installation

How much will it cost to give my home interior a cosmetic upgrade?

Refresh has carried out a wide range of home renovation projects ranging from bathroom cosmetic upgrades through to second storey additions, home extensions and complete home updates. The deciding factor in the cost of most home renovations is the homeowner’s budget. Your Renovation Consultant will work with you to achieve your ideas: whether this fits within a high-end interior design or a personalised design that looks great but works within a modest budget. For a cost estimate accurate to your needs, please get in touch for a free consultation.  

What are some current interior design trends in Central Otago?

Now more than ever, Central Otago is a region that people visit and move to for the relaxing, scenic and lifestyle aspects of the region. There is a huge focus on interior designs that prioritise indoor/outdoor relaxation within multi-purpose rooms. There is also a growing focus on supporting local furniture stores and manufacturers. In terms of style and colour, sleek Scandinavian designs have taken all corners of the world by storm. The focus here is on minimalistic design, high-quality materials and simple colour schemes that can be built on with curtain colours, furniture textures and outdoor views. However, Refresh’s focus is on developing a design that suits your particular style, whatever this may be.   

How does the Refresh Renovations process work?

When you work with Refresh, every aspect of your project is taken care of for you. Your Renovation Consultant will work with you to determine exactly what your needs are: whether this be a complete home renovation or repainting and redecorating a few select rooms within your home. They can support you with all areas of your project’s design, planning, project management, installations and interior decorating.

Would you like to discuss your home renovation ideas?

Get in touch for a free consultation with your local Refresh Renovations Consultant. 
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.