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While it’s not the most glamorous type of renovation, a well-constructed roof can be one of the best investments you make in your home. It not only provides you with protection against Florida’s serious weather events, but it’s also attractive to prospective buyers when it comes time to sell. Even if your roof has managed to survive serious weather events, such as Hurricane Irma, there is likely to be damage over time. At Refresh Renovations, we specialise in making home updates such as this cost-effective and low-stress.

Why Refresh?

Refresh's systems and processes have been designed to provide homeowners with a superior renovation experience. This means quality customer service, a cos-effective build and a stunning result. You'll enjoy one point of contact, end-to-end project management and a team of hand-picked tradespeople.

What roofing services do Refresh provide?

We can take care of every aspect of your roofing project, including:
- Exterior painting
- Roof replacement
- Roof repairs
- Roof installations
- Roof extensions

What are some signs that I might need to replace my roof?

  • Tiles or shingles that have slipped, come loose, or are missing.
  • Loose or corroded pieces of metal fascia, flashing (thin material around chimneys and skylights), nails and fastenings.
  • Rotting timber or materials below the roof-line
  • bubbles or chips on painted surfaces.

    It’s also a good idea to regularly inspect your ceiling cavity or attic. If you notice streaks or discoloured patches – or your insulation is damp – you probably have issues with water-tightness.

    What does it cost to install a new roof?

    The cost of a new roof will vary depending on: the roofing materials you choose, the size of the roof area, and the height and pitch (which affects accessibility).
    Your Refresh project manager will help you look at all the options – weighing up the pros and cons of different materials – as well as providing a firm idea of cost at the outset. They will also advise on local building code requirements, and organize all the necessary paperwork and inspections.
    As a general rule of thumb, you should allow between 1-3 days to complete a straightforward re-roofing project. It is not always necessary to move out while the work is being done, but you (and your pets) may prefer to avoid any disruption from noise and dust.

    Interested to find out more? We offer a free one-hour, no obligation consultation – get in touch today.

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