North Shore House Extension Builders

The Refresh Renovations North Shore team can help you extend your home to your unique specifications

It is common for families to outgrow their current home and for homeowners to want a little something more after a few years at their house. One of the best and most efficient ways to create additional space is to extend your home. Extending out is often cheaper than buying a larger house and relocating, and gives you more control over the final result. Refresh’s North Shore team of extension builders have tons of experience in extending homes and can help you do so.
If you are ready to discuss your home extension plans, get in touch with one of our Renovation Consultants today. Alternatively, we’ve compiled a common list of questions below. 

What House Extension services does Refresh Renovations provide in North Shore, Auckland?

  • Bespoke House Extension Designs
  • House Extension Planning
  • House Extension Project Management
  • House Addition Building
  • First Storey Home Extensions
  • Second Storey Home Extensions
  • Basement Extensions
  • Partial Extensions
  • Full Extensions
  • Bedroom Additions
  • Kitchen Additions
  • Granny Flat Additions
  • Ensuite Additions
  • Living Room Additions
  • Home Office Additions
  • Home Gym Additions
  • Home Theatre Additions
  • Games Room Additions
  • Accessibility Extensions
  • Extension Budget Advice and Planning
  • Council Consent Help
  • ...and much, much more!

What are the most popular home extension trends in North Shore?

Homeowners in the North Shore often love their neighbourhood too much to want to move to a new area. This is why they often choose to extend their homes instead. Not only can extending your home give you the freedom to add as much space as you are looking to create, but it often adds a significant amount of value to your property as well.
One of the most common trends is to extend outwards by making use of underutilised backyards and side-lawns. If you find yourself no longer using your backyard, why not extend out and add another room or two? 
Another popular trend is to extend upwards by adding a second or third storey to your existing home. This can often double the available area in a home and can be achieved without sacrificing your yard space or getting uncomfortably close to your neighbours. 
Different homeowners extend to add different rooms, as each person has their own wants and needs. Perhaps you’ve started to work from home and would like to create a dedicated work office? Whatever your needs are, you have the option to decide what you want, and the Refresh North Shore team can advise you on exactly how to achieve this within your desired budget.

How much does extending a home cost in North Shore, Auckland?

Although each home extension project is unique, based on Refresh North Shore’s previous completed projects, we estimate* that a home extension can cost anywhere between $1,000 per square meter to upwards of $3,500 per square meter, depending on your property’s land area, your home’s age, the materials you choose, and the scope of your project.

*Please note that these estimates are a rough guideline only. For an exact quote of how much your unique extension project will cost, get in touch with a local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

Will the Refresh North Shore team acquire council approval on my behalf?

Absolutely! Refresh offers an end-to-end project management process that is designed to take the stress off your plate. Your Renovation Consultant will take care of any required council consent and make sure your project is completed to all standards and regulations. 

What is the home extension process like when working with a North Shore Interior Designer?

Our standardised process ensures that our Renovation Consultants will always begin by completely understanding your wants and needs, and only once we are on the same page, will we move on to designing and building your home extension. 
The Refresh North Shore team has plenty of experience when it comes to building seamless home extensions and will make the entire process as simple as possible for you by acting as your sole point of contact. 
Your home extension or addition project will be completed on-time, within-budget, and to the highest possible standards. We’ll ensure there is minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities and will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Ready to get started on your home extension project?

Get in touch with a North Shore Refresh Renovations home extension builder today for a no strings attached one-hour consultation. We’ll discuss your wants and needs and advise you on how we can make them happen on your budget.