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luxury kitchen design

If you’re looking for a modern luxury kitchen and want to choose a designer that’s able to offer a bespoke solution for your home that meets all of your needs, Refresh Renovations is the designer for you. High-end kitchens are popular throughout North Essex and East Hertfordshire and with our team’s end-to-end project management approach, we make for the most hassle-free competitive solution. 

What aspects of High-end Kitchen Design do Refresh undertake?

We work on entire project management of luxury bespoke kitchen design, so every detail from conception through to completion is taken care of by the Refresh Renovations team. This includes (but is by no means limited to):
- Working drawings and designs
- Traditional kitchen renovation
- Modern luxury kitchen renovations
- Small kitchen renovations
- Cottage and rustic kitchen renovations
- Luxury kitchen island installations
- Bespoke cabinetry
- Electricity installation
- Plumbing installation

What are the trends in Luxury Kitchen Design?

Over recent years demand has increased for expensive kitchens as homeowners look to extend their spaces and adopt a more open plan design that allows for maximum socialisation while preparing food, cooking and dining. Luxury kitchen islands remain a favourite as they provide multi-functional workspaces for families and couples alike; and are frequently seen in reality TV shows and in the pages of interior design publications.

How much does a Bespoke Kitchen Design cost?

The scope of any kitchen renovation provides its estimated value, but in the case of a standard sized luxury kitchen design and installation in a property that isn’t listed or restricted, you can expect the project to come in at anywhere from £35,000 - £50,000+ dependant on sizing.

Why choose Refresh for Luxury Kitchen Design?

Our award-winning approach to design, build and renovations has won us awards worldwide as it’s a stress-free solution for homeowners. Assigning a dedicated project manager to every job, we take care of everything from start to finish. This means homeowners can carry on working and with their usual routines without having to take time out to focus on project management. What’s more, we always deliver on time and to budget: so it’s win-win-win!

Will I need planning permission for a Bespoke Kitchen?

99% of kitchen renovations can be enacted under the permitted development rights afforded to homeowners. However, if external administrative permission is required, this will be managed as part of Refresh’s standard service with all applications and appeals taken care of by the project manager. We work collaboratively with LPAs (Local Planning Authorities) throughout East Herts and North Essex all the time and so you can rest assured of a great result.

What areas do Refresh operate in?

Refresh East Hertfordshire & North Essex manage luxury kitchen designs across Harlow, Cheshunt, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and the surrounding areas. 

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