Garage conversions in the Woodlands, Houston

Houston garage conversion to games room

A garage conversion allows you to creatively transform your existing space into a functional and livable zone. This may mean converting it into an in-law suite, playroom, additional living room, home office or, perhaps, something else? Converting a garage into a livable space can be complex - with structural work, electrical work, insulation, access, and light being just some of the considerations. Refresh Renovations Woodlands Houston can provide a seamless design and build, making your garage conversion an enjoyable process.  

What garage conversion services do Refresh Renovations Woodlands Houston provide?

Your garage conversion specialist can support you with both the construction of a new garage and the conversion of an existing garage. Services include:
- Bespoke designs and builds
- Project management
- Garage to sunroom conversions
- Garage to living space conversions
- Garage to in-law suite conversions
- Garage roof to terrace conversions
- Attached garage construction
- Freestanding garage construction

How much will it cost to convert my garage?

The cost of your garage conversion will depend on a range of factors including your specifications, existing hidden damage, the labor required and permits needed. As a rough guide, converting an existing two-car garage into a livable area can cost around $50,000. However, a renovation specialist will need to complete a feasibility assessment in order to provide you with a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project requirements.

The costs provided are rough estimates and are subject to change.

Will Refresh take care of any required permits?

You will most likely need a master permit, sub-permits and a Notice of Commencement in order to carry out a garage conversion. Your garage conversion specialist can take care of the application process for you, in addition to any permits and regulations relating to historic home renovations. 

What is generally involved in converting a garage into a livable space?

Your renovation specialist will work with you to create a design that meets local regulations while creating a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing space for you and your family to enjoy. This design might include structural changes, insulation, window and door installations, drainage solutions, quality flooring, electrical work, and plumbing.

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