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Customising your home allows you to create a space that supports your lifestyle. Whether you’re focused on sustainability, prefer industrial interiors with high functionality, or adore the finer details of luxury designs - anything is possible with the right expertise.
At Refresh Renovations Brisbane, we have the collective knowledge and experience required to provide completely custom home renovations. But there’s more to our services than our network of custom home builders who work diligently to deliver excellence. 
If you’re considering renovating your home and want a custom house design, we are indeed the place for you. Get in touch to hear more about the Refresh experience.

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

We’ve established ourselves in Brisbane to provide the best home renovation services across the city. The experience you receive all begins with our Renovation Consultants.
Positioned as the project manager of your home renovation, your local Renovation Consultant is there as your single point of contact. Managing all aspects of the renovation, you can rely on them to walk you through the process while handling every detail.
What’s the process? Firstly, you’ll be invited to an initial consultation. In this first meeting, you can throw your ideas on the table, and the Renovation Consultant will evaluate them alongside your budget. Then, after the meeting, they’ll move forward step by step.
The following stages include creating a concept and assessing feasibility, developing the working drawings and costing, and finally undertaking construction. We’ve planned this process carefully to minimise risks and ensure we collect all details of the homeowner’s vision.
Ultimately, the Refresh experience is stress-free, reduces overall costs, and delivers high-quality results. It really is a premium service from design to build.

What are the current custom home building trends in Brisbane?

Brisbane’s beautiful warm weather is a factor often considered when homeowners renovate their properties. Because the climate entirely changes how people enjoy their homes.
For example, if the kitchen is much cooler than the living room throughout the day, it might be smart to switch them around. It all depends on the homeowner’s lifestyle and where they want to spend their time.
With that said, sustainable living has become increasingly popular amongst Brisbane residents. So customising homes to integrate eco-friendly features is a top trend. Features might include solar power systems, recycled materials, and double glazed windows, which reduce the energy spent on heating and cooling.

What custom home renovation services do Refresh Renovations provide?

Backed by a network of globally trusted suppliers and talented renovation professionals, we have the resources and experience needed to cater to any specifications.
From developing a custom house design to contracting the assistance of expert custom house builders - you can trust our Renovation Consultant to arrange premium services throughout your project.

Our custom home renovation services include:

  • Custom floor plans
  • Custom home renovation
  • Custom interior design
  • Architectural house plans 
  • Custom kitchen 
  • Custom bathroom
  • Custom wardrobe

...and anything else you can think of!

How much will my custom home renovation cost?

The cost of your custom home renovation will depend entirely on what rooms you’re renovating, their size, labour required, and the materials you wish to use.
For example, if you wanted to renovate your bedroom to include a walk-in wardrobe, a basic makeover might begin at $10,000+* while a high-end custom wardrobe starts from $20,000+*. 
If you’d like to receive a costing estimate accurate to your renovation plans, get in touch with our friendly team and arrange your free initial consultation.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

Certainly! We take care of any council applications required for custom home renovations.
With the renovation entirely managed by your Renovation Specialist, you can expect them to handle any crucial details and council consent paperwork.

Tell us about your project!

Backed by their network of Brisbane custom home builders, our Renovation Specialists are your best option for achieving any home renovation. 
Whether you need working drawings developed or already have them designed - we can help you complete the next steps. Simply get in touch today to arrange your free consultation.

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