Home extension with a view in the Gold Coast

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Gold Coast deck extension

Homeowner Gregory is thrilled with the "excellent end result" of this $110,000 home extension.

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After speaking with multiple renovation builders only to be left unsure of what project cost estimate was realistic, Gold Coast homeowner Gregory approached Refresh Renovations specialist Martin Peirone. Gregory wanted to replace and extend a very small deck leading off from his home’s main bedroom. In the process, he also wanted to form a ground floor bedroom beneath the deck. His main objective, however, was to create a space where he could take in the property’s view of the Coomera River.
Gregory had done his product research. He was very interested in building the deck out of “Knotwood”: a low-maintenance aluminium product that looks and feels like wood. He was also interested in using Colorbond steel for the roof extension and wanted glass balustrading on the deck and glass walls in the bedroom.
Following an initial consultation with Martin, Gregory was relieved to have found the right team to carry out his project.
“I was delighted, after having had what I felt were a few quick quotes from others, when Martin came and spent about an hour with me at the first visit – so important to me as someone with no other way of judging the likely quality of end results from different builders”, explains Gregory. 
“We discussed the Refresh Process and how this would be of benefit”, adds Martin. “Gregory saw the value quite quickly of the concept and feasibility process.”

Designing the house extension

With the support of an architect, engineers, certifiers and the project’s construction manager - Rick, Martin put together a design and plan for Gregory.   
“We worked through the process to the letter and the only issue we had was with the local council”, explains Martin. “We had some challenges when it came to getting the permissions from the council because of the renovation’s proximity to the street. So we had to have what’s called a relaxation, which is a permission to build closer to the boundary than would normally be permitted. Because other people on the street had already done this, we were able to gain that permission. All of the stuff that we did behind the scenes on the customer’s behalf to get it to the point where we were able to build, he found invaluable, and that’s the benefit of working with a company like Refresh.”

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“I felt Rick, our builder, and Martin, made an excellent team, with Martin providing excellent communication and calling on Rick’s extensive knowledge of the construction side whenever I asked a question Martin was not sure about”, says Gregory. “The process of negotiating with the council to maximise the size of the deck I was allowed was also invaluable.”
Once the project’s council requirements had been met, Martin was able to schedule in a team to carry out the project. This included carpenters, tilers, plasterers, painters, roofers, a termite protection specialist, waterproofers, an electrician, glaziers and more.

House renovation

They began by demolishing the existing rotten deck before focusing on creating the foundations for the build. From there, they extended the ground floor, first floor and roof - closing in the new space with a glass balustrade. 
“Everything was put in to make it match what was already there”, explains Martin. “The fact that we were able to find new bricks that matched the old bricks so closely was a minor miracle. We did have help from the owner in locating the right type of brick.” 
After perfecting the final details of the project, such as the surrounding landscape, Martin presented Gregory with his new home.

The final result

“The build went to plan and there were no unexpected surprises”, says Martin. “It came in on budget and was very much in-line with the style of the existing dwelling. What most impressed me was how we were able to blend the new with the old so seamlessly and make it look like it was part of the original structure, given that the house was of a certain age - probably 30+ years old.” 
“I would strongly recommend Refresh Renovations to someone not quite sure of how to go about the whole process of translating their idea into reality”, concludes Gregory. “As I think the photos show, along with favourable comments from neighbours, the excellent end result is witness to the value of the careful, unhurried thought and planning which Martin and Rick put into every step along the way.”

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This project was completed in
August 2020
Project description
Ground floor + first floor & roof extension to create a new deck and bedroom.
Gold Coast
Project duration
10 weeks
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Martin Peirone is Renovation Consultant of Marbepi Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Australia PTY Ltd, doing business in Gold Coast.

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