Fit for Family Entertaining in Manurewa, Franklin

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With two young children and a third on the way, this family needed their home to be larger and more accommodating of their growing needs.

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A Meeting of Minds

Homeowner Isaac has a growing family and loves to entertain friends on the weekends. Although adequate, two main issues about his weatherboard home were beginning to require attention: the layout of the kitchen and living area was inconvenient and there was no direct access from that part of the house through to the spacious back garden.
This layout made it almost impossible for Isaac and his wife to supervise their children from inside. It was also creating logistical difficulties when it came to entertaining a crowd.
The couple wanted to modify their home and build a kitset shed in the rear of the garden, but that needed council approval. Complicated situations need smart solutions, so Isaac engaged his local Refresh Renovation Consultant to help resolve the problems.

Working to a Budget

The Renovation Consultant quickly established that the best solution would be to push through the rear of the house straight out to the garden. This would establish a clear connection between the inside and outside spaces. 
The couple’s primary concern was their budget. With their third child on the way, they had no extra funds to spare, so had a maximum of $200,000 to spend. To keep within budget, the Renovation Consultant included the approval for the kitset shed as part of the larger consent application. 

Building the Vision

As discussions on the design and budget progressed, Isaac expanded the project to include: renovating the existing bathroom and three bedrooms, and adding a fourth bedroom, alongside the couple’s existing requirements of redesigning the kitchen, pantry, and living room. They also wanted to build a completely new deck.
Under the Renovation Consultant's expert scheduling, a procession of tradespeople commenced demolition of the rear of the house, opening the floorplan and reconfiguring the interior for the new open-plan kitchen and living area. Removing multiple internal walls created free-flowing movement to the new outdoor deck. The Renovation Consultant's tight budget management meant they could extend the existing roof to cover the deck, providing a spacious entertainment area as an extension of the living room.
A significant difficulty of the site was the sloping section. The front entrance of the house was at street level, but the backyard dropped away, creating awkward access. Now, thanks to the Renovation Consultant's foresight, wide timber steps not only bring ease of movement through the living area, deck, and down to the garden, they also provide casual outdoor seating.

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Dream becomes Reality

Isaac and his wife are completely blown away by the final result; this renovation has made their entire home feel open and spacious, and all completed just in time for the birth of their baby girl.
The change is simply sensational. Clean, modern lines, and a bright colour palette throughout the entire interior bring a sense of calm and order, yet feel fresh and inviting. The previously cramped kitchen is now functional and efficient, with hard-wearing but easy-to-clean surfaces, well-positioned lights, and a kitchen peninsula that is ideal for family activity and entertaining.
From the kitchen out through the living area and down to the garden, the entire area is now physically and visually connected, whatever the weather, thanks to the full-sized bi-fold doors opening onto the deck. 
This open-plan transformation means that the whole family can feel safe and connected at all times, bringing peace of mind to Isaac that he now has a home perfectly suited for his family and their lifestyle. The couple trusted the Renovation Consultant to take care of their home and budget, and they did not disappoint.

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This project was completed in
December 2018
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Project description
Kitchen and living area renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
8 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Budget and a sloping section
Interesting aspects
Meeting the design challenges presented by the site. Everything needed to open out towards the back to face the garden, but the garden is significantly lower than the house.
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