Chic and modern flair master bath

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Bathroom vanity for a US renovation

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Refresh Planning

Homeowners in Beaverton, Portland were wanting to renovate their master bathroom for a new look and feel. They met with Renovation consultant Chris to discuss their ideas and vision for the space. Chris, along with his team produced a scope of work, a design, a budget, and a timeline for renovations. Once the pre-planning for renovations was completed and a permit pulled, renovations began. 

Before renovations

Before renovations

Before renovations

Renovation Work

The first of the subcontractors to arrive on site was the demo crew. Per the plans, they cleared the space, taking out the ‘old’, and making way for the ‘new’. Once completed, the plumber was next to arrive to complete his rough-in work. First, the existing plumbing to the shower needed to be capped off, and the new plumbing for the new location of the shower head fixtures were installed. The framer built a window opening in the wall between the shower and tub, this not only is aesthetically pleasing but lets in more light into the shower. The electrician was called in to reroute the existing electrical path for a light switch so that the shower could be extended, for a larger walk-in shower.  After rough-in work was finished, it was inspected before the team could progress with renovations. 

Following the inspection, the team began putting the space back together again. New vinyl flooring was installed, and a custom vanity with shaker-style cabinets was installed. Quartz countertops were laid and under-mount sinks were installed. The tiler water-proofed the shower, and tub surrounding, as well as built a custom niche for the shower. The tile was then laid in the shower, tub surrounding, and vanity backsplash. Once the tile work was completed the team moved into the finish stage of the project. 

The plumber returned to finish his work, which included the installation of the tub insert and installing the plumbing fixtures for the vanity sinks, tub, and shower. The electrician returned to install a new slightly larger exhaust fan to accommodate the slightly larger walk-in shower and also installed new flush mount lights over the vanity. Minor baseboard work was completed, a new extra large framed mirror was installed, and miscellaneous bathroom finishes were installed (towel bars, etc). The space was painted with not only a fresh coat of paint, but a fresh color too. A new shower glass was installed, both for the door and the new window feature. The last step for the team was to have the project pass the final inspection, and once it did, homeowners were able to start utilizing their new master bathroom. 

During renovations

During renovations

Final Results

What a transformation! This space began as a simple color-tone bathroom with a little flair to the area. After renovations, this space is full of chic, modern flair. The new window feature between the wall (of the shower and tub) creates more depth to the room, while the final finishes chosen for the space provide a comfortable, warm, chic, and modern atmosphere. 

After renovations

After renovations

After renovations

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December 2022
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Chris Kuhr is Remodeling Consultant of Freeride Development Inc., a franchisee of Renovation Franchise North America, LLC, doing business in Oregon.

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