Bathroom revival in Windsor, Invercargill

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Bathroom revival in Windsor, Invercargill

With state-of-the-art fixtures, a lavish vanity restoration, and years of design expertise, this property's bathrooms underwent a transformation from old to urban.

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An Urban Vision

These homeowners were tired of their property’s dated bathroom interiors. Knowing that the spaces contribute as an integral element of modern living, they decided it was time for an upgrade. They wanted to reconstruct them to look the part of an urban lifestyle.
To complete the renovation successfully, from design to build, the homeowners sought expertise from Refresh Renovations. In no time at all, they were introduced to Mathew and Hayley Hartigan, their local Renovation Specialists, who helped them conceptualise their project in no time at all.
The main objectives were to modernise the upstairs ensuite, main bathroom, and water closet. Eager to see the designs come to life, the homeowners had Mathew and Hayley develop the concept into detailed working drawings which the duo used to estimate cost and timeline.

Cost & Timeline

The Renovation Specialists initially estimated the cost at $50,000. But as the project progressed closer towards construction, the homeowners decided to upgrade the bathtub with an exceptional contemporary fixture and include some flooring installation downstairs.
These adaptations brought the actual cost to $56,000. And as for the timeframe, they estimated the building process to run over five weeks. This estimate also increased due to plumbing that needed fixing before project completion. 
Despite the challenges, Mathew, Hayley, and their renovation team dedicated themselves to running the building process as close to the original schedule as possible. With this full force of ambition, they managed completion just three weeks later than anticipated. 

State-of-the-art Ensuite

The master bedroom’s ensuite already donned a massive ground floor area. This ample space gave Mathew and Hayley endless options for redesigning; all of which they assessed carefully before suggesting the most functional, beautiful, and durable solutions. 
Together, they decided to replace the existing shower with an extravagant 1600cm x 1000cm shower enclosure. Complete with a rainfall showerhead installed at ceiling height, the new shower indeed provides a luxurious experience.
And the star of the show? It has to be the deep-soak freestanding bathtub. The fixture was installed at the end of the room underneath the large windows and looks somewhat ethereal in the soft natural light brought in from above. Accompanied by gleaming silver fittings and a decorative palm tree, the bathtub feature has undoubtedly established the ensuite as an oasis.

Restoring with Luxury

For the ensuite’s vanity, the homeowner’s decided to keep the original cabinets and restore them with an elegant stone benchtop. It was a solution that enabled them to stay within budget while still enhancing the storage feature with a lavish upgrade.
The vanity length was 2.1 metres in length and initially looked tired with its old tiled countertop. Replacing this fixture with a 30mm white stone benchtop turned out to be a stunning alteration that completely lightened up the room. 
Mathew and Hayley worked hard to make this possible by tracking down a stonemason who offered the offcut of stone at a special price. 

An Excellent Finish

There is a high standard of quality to be seen in all corners of these renovated bathrooms. From the smooth blending of the old and new wall linings to the beautiful fixtures and their careful instalment; the building team certainly crafted every detail with a meticulous eye.
Without a doubt, this renovation achieved the contemporary, yet functional results that the homeowners wanted. All bathrooms were revived to match the pace of urban living, and the minimalist designs are sure to age gracefully with the decades.

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This project was completed in
January 2021
Project description
A complete bathroom makeover.
New Zealand
Project duration
8 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
Back-to-wall freestanding bath, tiled frameless glass shower
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