The Refresh team in Brighton renovate and modernise a teen bedroom with sensory perfection!

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When people are asked to think of renovations, they often just consider re-decoration or refurbishment of a home to the directions and tastes of a homeowner, rather than much considerably more complex. However, here at Refresh Renovations, we take a bespoke approach to every job; and custom-design every small detail of every project to ensure that it fits our client’s needs and wants.
As part of a full-house renovation in a Grade II listed building that sits in a conservation area noted for its architectural and historical importance, Refresh Renovations Brighton had to supply designs for the interior and exterior of this property that balanced the original features and specified guidelines of the LPA (Local Planning Authority) designated heritage team with the wants and needs of the clients. An ambitiously-sized building to be used as a frequent holiday home, there were four bathrooms and lots of bedrooms to be redesigned: and one with some very important requirements.
Our client’s teenage daughter has autism and as many with the condition, she can struggle with change in routines and places, making it imperative that she felt settled and at home within her bedroom and en-suite bathroom at the new holiday home. She also has specific tastes and preferences for textures (particularly of soft furnishings) and colours; so the Refresh Renovations Brighton team worked with her to create the perfect space just right for her.

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Balance Struggles

While a complication of autism that not many realise, balance can be a struggle for those with the condition. Some autistic people have trouble coordinating their movements between the left and right side across different limbs, making it difficult for them to walk without wobbling, jumping and landing safely or skipping without becoming dizzy. Although the iterations of this may be minor, it can cause issues with low muscle tone over time, which can in turn impact posture and/or balance.
The property we were renovating was originally built in the 1820s, so the floors were certainly not as even as we insist modern building standards keep them today. The Refresh Renovations Brighton team worked to even out the floors our client’s daughter would be using to avoid presenting any falling, slip or trip hazards, and then worked to pick out a carpet of pile and texture that she liked so she’d be able to traverse it without the need for socks or shoes. The carpet chosen was smooth and almost velvet-like in texture with a brushed finish, and beige/cream in colour.

Interior Decoration

Of course, autism or not: teenagers like things to look the way they like! Picking a basic colour scheme and fixtures and fittings that would keep the room feeling of a good size but keeping it cosy, the walls, storage units and radiator were all white (with colour pops of bright wood to invite interest to the eye) and contrasted beautifully with the soft furnishings of the room.
While the rest of the house primarily featured jade and dark greens, the teenage bedroom had drapes, duvets and blankets in a navy blue patterned with stars and constellations. A large green plant was added to the corner of the room to improve air quality and give a feeling of the outside, inside; and photos of friends and loved ones displayed on a pin-board for easy viewing and to bring a smile.

A Bespoke En-Suite

Together we opted to keep the en-suite bathroom clean and simple; not deviating from a bright white colour scheme that filled the room with light while still maintaining the relaxing and tranquil feel one needs in a room they should relax in.
A large mirror placed at one end of the room cleverly gives the appearance of a bigger space and a luxurious standalone bathtub helps add a spa-life feel. The floor tiles, although not quite white, are a neutral beige stone shade, and hey, this is a teenager’s bathroom: so it seems only right things were kept a little cheeky (so to speak!) with a bath mat emblazoned with the slogan ‘GET NAKED’.
The room feels relaxing and luxurious yet isn’t too large or plain to feel cold or clinical.

The Finished Result

Indeed the whole family were so pleased with the renovation that they ended up spending considerably more time in the holiday home than first anticipated. Our client’s teenage daughter stayed amongst them and she loves her new space – a home from home and a great place to relax near to the seaside, unaided and happy!

This project was completed in
November 2022
Project description
The Refresh team in Brighton renovate and modernise a teen bedroom with sensory perfection!
Brighton & Worthing
United Kingdom
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Sensory mindfulness and autism awareness
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Roger Kinsman is a Renovation Consultant of Ohana Projects Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK Ltd, doing business in Crawley Brighton.

Tracy Kinsman is a Renovation Consultant of Ohana Projects Ltd a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK Ltd, doing business in Crawley Brighton.

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