A modern kitchen refresh in Kohimarama

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This kitchen renovation utilised clean lines and modern designs to maximise the space.

This kitchen renovation utilised clean lines and modern designs to maximise the space.

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Using modern fixtures and no-handle designs, this kitchen has transformed into a streamlined and fresh open space.

When Dale and her family were looking to upgrade their home with more modern fixtures and usable spaces, they sought help with their kitchen renovation. After talking with different tradespeople who could only finish part of the job, they weren’t sure where to turn next. They needed someone who could complete the entire project from start to finish.
Enter: Refresh Renovations. After getting in touch with their local Renovation Specialists, John and Maree de Latour, Dale discovered that the job could be managed and completed within the timeframe and budget she had set out to achieve.

Crunching the numbers

Being an accountant herself, Dale had done her research and planned out a budget for the project. She created her own spreadsheet with all of the costs involved, including the appliances they were supplying themselves.
One of Dale’s requirements was that the kitchen would have a ‘no-handle’ look to streamline the space, which proved to be a more expensive endeavour than initially planned. 
To keep to Dale’s budget of $35,000, John and Maree looked for an alternative option. In solution, they sourced cupboard and drawer components from Melteca that featured a modern shark nose and worked with Dale’s vision for her kitchen refresh.
The final project cost was $38,000, which included appliances and a refinish of the floor. Dale’s number-crunching was definitely not far from the mark!

A new kitchen for Christmas

The kitchen renovation began close to Christmas, and with the client planning to go on holiday around the time of expected completion, the timelines needed to be strictly adhered to.
Dale and her family also chose to live in their home during the renovation to avoid disruption to the routine of her two school-aged children. John and Maree arranged each aspect of the project and ensured that everyone involved worked respectfully around the residents while keeping to the timeline.
Demolition of the kitchen, finishing of the floor, and installation of the cabinetry was all completed within a week. By the end of the renovation, the total project time came in at two and a half weeks.
With John and Maree at the helm of the project, Dale and her family could concentrate on finishing up the year and looking forward to a well-earned break and a brand new kitchen.

A total transformation

The final kitchen design proved to be a complete transformation from the old, dated space. With modern LED lighting creating a warm glow and timber-look features matching the refinished flooring, this kitchen is now a fresh and inviting space.
The use of negative detail in the cabinetry provided a modern and innovative style, while the clean lines and warm-toned accents lent a welcoming touch.
And finally, a smooth white finish throughout the kitchen created a fantastic contrast with the timber and gave the small space an air of expansiveness. 

One happy family

With the kitchen renovation completed to Dale’s specifications and not far from her original budget, Dale and her family were happy to have a brand new kitchen space that was easy to clean and had plenty of storage.
Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is the place where families come together, and for Dale, this renovation project created exactly that for her family.
Given the time constraints and specific requirements, this project needed to be managed by experts, and John and Maree were the perfect team for the job.
Working with homeowners from start to finish of their dream projects is what Refresh Renovations does best. From helping create a budget to managing the different moving parts to ensuring a project is finished on time, Refresh Renovations is there with you each step of the way.

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This project was completed in
June 2021
Project description
This kitchen renovation utilised clean lines and modern designs to maximise the space.
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
2 1/2 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Strict deadline, and no-handle design proved more expensive than planned.
Interesting aspects
Modern bathware
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John de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

Maree de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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