A modern home renovation in Frankston North, Melbourne

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This post-war home has become brighter and more spacious through an open-plan renovation.

This post-war home has become brighter and more spacious through an open-plan renovation.

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Creating the New Design

Tucked away in the quiet suburb of Frankston North, this post-war home is only a stone's throw away from the bustling city of Melbourne. 
As it was, the property felt cramped throughout the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. So homeowners Cassie and Jack sought an interior designer to redesign the layout for open-plan living with modern interiors.
While Cassie was driven by aesthetics, Jack was more budget-led. But finding a balance between the two wasn’t their biggest challenge. Rather, they struggled to find a builder who would take on the project due to the new design’s complex plan, which included demolishing concrete and load-bearing walls. 
After contacting Refresh, they were thrilled to learn that local Renovation Specialist, Leigh McDonald, could manage the entire build. To get started, Leigh recommended studying concept feasibility and undergoing further construction engineering to ensure the best course of action for the renovation. Only a few elements needed redesigning. With these adjustments made, and after gaining council consent, the project could begin.

Undertaking Construction

Leigh utilised his diverse network of industry professionals to arrange the best tradespeople to work on the job and revamp the home's interior.
The largest challenge of construction was demolishing the dividing walls to open up the kitchen and living area. The difficulty of this task was in the materials. Leigh and his renovation team were working with concrete tilt slabs that needed to be cut into small pieces and removed in sections to avoid damaging the timber flooring. 
Throughout construction, Leigh and his renovation team took great care to ensure everything was kept in fine condition. This attention to detail is seen throughout the beautiful results.

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The Extended Kitchen 

Once cramped and outdated, the kitchen’s interior has been entirely revamped with an open-plan layout, extension, and modern design. These changes created a spacious environment with a modern, stylish interior and improved functionality.
Dark cabinetry stands out beautifully in contrast to the grey tiled floor and white walls. Featuring gleaming white countertops, pendant lighting, and new appliances, the renovated kitchen has become a much more welcoming place to enjoy cooking.

The Living Room

Cassie and Jack chose to position their dining area in the living room corner to keep the new open-plan layout feeling spacious. This spatial plan involved installing a corner bench to create a dining nook. Featuring the decorative panelling from the kitchen cabinetry, the bench pairs beautifully with the surrounding interior.  
As the remaining walls were concrete, there was limited opportunity to drill into the walls and install standard doors. Leigh suggested installing a barn door - a solution that could be easily installed on a concrete wall. Not only would this bring character, but as the door would slide across the wall, it wouldn’t interrupt the flow of open-plan living.

The Modern Bathroom 

This bathroom renovation did more than simply refresh the space. With a crisp colour scheme, lavish fittings, and a walk-in shower, the bathroom has transformed into a modern sanctuary.  
While most bathroom walls are licked with white paint, an accent wall features grey tiles that carry down to the shower floor. Complemented with gold shower and towel rail fittings, the frameless walk-in shower is a sleek and spacious addition.
The vanity makes a beautiful statement, tying the luxurious interior together. Built with a grand basin and wall-mounted taps, this fixture is the most stylish aspect of the bathroom. Above, a circular mirror breaks up the vanity’s splashback and is illuminated by cool-toned underlighting. It’s indeed a stunning addition. 

Final Thoughts

In only 66 days, the home became brighter and more spacious through an open-plan renovation. Many modern additions are now seen and felt throughout the home, including underfloor heating, which brings warmth to the otherwise crisp space. 
For close to $110,000, the kitchen and living rooms were given contemporary makeovers, while the bathroom was revamped with stylish fixtures. Ultimately, by redesigning the main centres of the house, this renovation transformed the post-war home into a contemporary dream. 

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This project was completed in
June 2021
Project description
A kitchen, living, and bathroom renovation
Cassie and Jack
Project duration
66 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Demolition of concrete and load-bearing walls
Interesting aspects
Sun tunnel and skylight installation
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