A dream downstairs: Single floor renovation in Wollongong

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Downstairs interior renovation Australia

When the renovation specialistfirst met the owners of this Wollongong home she was told they wanted their downstairs area redesigned. After a change in their financial situation, the owners decided to create, and tick off, a renovation wish list.

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The owners of this Wollongong home wanted their living spaces to better reflect their needs. The design of their downstairs area was inconvenient, with not enough storage space or room to comfortably place their furniture. They wanted to create a new interior layout and design that would better fit with their lifestyle. After meeting with their local renovation consultant, they decided that Refresh Renovations were the best people for the job.

Downstairs design

The original downstairs area design utilised the space poorly, causing it to look dark and cluttered. The renovation specialists customers wanted the space to function better. They found their kitchen small and inconvenient and the door placements impractical. The design made it difficult to maintain privacy, and it limited outdoor use.
A significant consideration, within the redesign stage of the renovation, was the owner’s pets.
“The customers had five dogs that were an integral part of their family, and outdoor access for the dogs was paramount as well as flooring that could withstand the constant flow of the pets”, explains the renovation specialist.
The renovation specialist used the Refresh Renovations process in order to provide her customers with the best renovation experience possible. After hearing their needs and ideas, she took them through the concept design stage. A project estimate of $90,000 - $100,000 was drawn up and contracts were signed.
The renovation specialist managed the project for them, enlisting the help of trusted builders and subcontractors. The customers had only one point of contact throughout the renovation: thw renovation specialist. She kept them updated on their project’s progress every step of the way.
After the original project estimate had been set, the homeowners found themselves in a financial situation which allowed for further work to be done. They compiled a wishlist of their dream home and the renovation specialist made it happen.

Downstairs renovation

A full interior renovation of the house’s ground floor began, including a complete demolition of the entire internal of the downstairs, right back to the structural layer. The back windows and doors were removed and the new design build began.

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New white framed doors and windows were installed, adding light to the interior and creating an illusion of extra space. A large dog door was also installed, matching the white framed design of the doors and windows.
New flooring was installed, with the five dogs in mind. The carpet in the lounge, and wooden floorboards in the kitchen, were replaced with smooth, grey tiles. It was a selection which now provides an easy to clean solution for the family and is not at risk of being damaged by the pets.

The final result

The updated kitchen provides a generous amount of space to cook in and socialise. Red splashbacks, contrasting with white stone benchtops, add a touch of luxury to the space, along with high quality appliances. The homeowners’ storage issues were resolved through the installation of sleek, white floor-to-ceiling cupboards which sit along one wall of the kitchen. The new window placements invite plenty of opportunity to see the outdoor view while cooking.
Within 3 months the renovation was complete. The new design ensured that the renovation specialists customers were left with a home which encompassed style, space and practicality. The updated layout and flooring resulted in an an ideal space for dogs and young families to be rambunctious in.

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April 2019
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Project description
Downstairs demolition and interior renovation
Project duration
3 months
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