How Much Does A High-End Bathroom Renovation Cost In The United Kingdom

Create your own personal haven at home with a luxury bathroom that brings together top end products and combines them with sophisticated style and design. Your Refresh Renovations builder will make it happen.

High end budget bathroom renovation.
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High end bathroom renovations will likely cost in the range of £15,000+. Read on to find out what you can get for your money, or view our basic bathroom renovation estimate or mid-range bathroom renovation estimates if you are looking to spend less.
Create your own personal haven at home with a luxury bathroom that brings together top end products and combines them with sophisticated style and design. Your Refresh Renovations builder will make it happen.

How much do freestanding baths and spas cost?

Making a real statement and creating a luxury spa feel, the freestanding bath is one of the essential items that turn a normal bathroom into a real high-end space. Huge ranges of different styles are available, from square and modern to oval and curved. You can also opt for claw foot baths and baths made from solid stone (beware the weight). An entry-level freestanding stone bath can be bought from around £2,500. To complement the bath, choose a matching freestanding tap and mixer. The trend is to go for big baths or baths that have spa massage jets integrated for a deep relaxing soak. Some even come with special light effects, TV’s or other extras. Corner baths are also still popular, maximising the available space.
bathroom renovation walk in shower wet room
Less of an eye catcher but as practical as ever, a walk-in shower typically cannot be missing. Consider installing an extra large, double ‘his and hers’ shower with dual shower heads, or opt for one large shower space that combines a rain dumper with multiple massage spray jets along the wall. Rain dumpers can now be recessed into the ceiling so they are completely flush. Some models come with built-in LED light strips that will lift your spirits even on the worst of days.
To make space for these spacious luxuries, it is often necessary to change the layout of an existing bathroom and possibly even to extend its size. Considering this, you can expect to pay anywhere from £15,000 onwards for a full blown bathroom renovation that includes a change of floor plan along with high-end bathroom fixtures and fittings.

How much do luxury vanities and fittings cost?

Bespoke, custom-made vanity units allow you to design your own unique space and storage. You can integrate big double basins or raised basins and experiment with different kinds of materials including stone, wood, glass, concrete or metal. Taps can come straight out of the wall – a waterfall tap for example adds a stunning feature – or be built into the vanity unit, as is traditionally the case. Touchless taps that are activated by hand motion (even touchless soap dispensers) are all the rage, and while previously reserved for the commercial sector, they are now becoming more and more popular in high-end bathrooms. 
Bathroom Renovation with custom vanity and luxury fittings installed
To make the most out of your bathroom, it’s best to work with an architectural or interior designer who can who can advise on the overall layout, the material and design finish of your vanity unit and other fixtures.

How much does it cost to add entertainment systems?

The bathroom is a great place to relax and why not enjoy this space while listening to music or watching TV. There are several bathroom mirrors available on the market that come with in-built TVs for the shower are also available, as are speakers, which in some cases are integrated in the showerhead itself. These devices can either connect to a music player via Bluetooth or be wired and connected to a sound system.
Bathroom renovation with entertainment system installed
If you have a multi-zone entertainment system in your home, you should be able to install and connect speaker outlets in the bathroom. You could use a master control panel elsewhere in the house, or choose to install a separate system with its own controls in the bathroom.
Home automation is a hot topic and works really well in bathrooms. You can program heating systems to start up and warm the room up before you get out of bed. Blinds can open and close automatically at certain times and lighting sensors can automatically activate lighting at night.

How can I make my bathroom walls high-end?

In higher-end renovations, bathroom walls are typically tiled from top to bottom. There is no limit of choice in colour, pattern and texture, so your walls are a great canvas for you to express your style and personality. To name just a couple of possibilities, mosaic tiles let you create images on a large scale while 3D effect tiles make for a fantastic splashback feature.
The high-end bathroom is also a unique place to display artwork and set it into scene. The piece or pieces of art should have a protective coating and ideally be placed behind glass to protect them from moisture. Neutral wall and floor tiles work best to let large and colourful pieces stand out.
bathroom renovation with stone tiles
There are various types of stone tiles including marble tiles to choose from to create a simple and understated elegance. Extra large floor tiles look stunning in a large space.

What options do I have for high-end lighting?

The basic lighting requirements, which typically include recessed LED downlights that provide the task lighting and hidden LED light strips that provide ambient lighting, are usually easy and straightforward in terms of planning and installation. Feature lighting is what really sets one bathroom apart from the next. Wall lights around the mirror and a centerpiece such as a spectacular chandelier are good options, and you could also install a lighting display in irregular patterns and places.
Sensors are being installed more and more frequently in the UK. When using a sensor, the lights turn on automatically as you walk into the bathroom. With some systems you can switch the sensor to a night setting that may include, for example, low blue lighting around the toilet area.

How do I keep my bathroom nice and warm?

The ‘hottest’ product on the market to keep bathrooms nice and warm is a hot water underfloor heating system.Using water to heat the floor is one of the healthiest and most comfortable ways to heat a room. Water-based systems are free from magnetic fields and can be connected to different kinds of heat sources (such as an air-to-water heat pump or a boiler that runs on gas, diesel or wood), making it a future-proof option. As a more common and mainstream option, electric underfloor heating systems are also widely available. This small luxury has become popular in many homes, and it’s one of the small domestic pleasures that most people wouldn’t want to miss anymore.
bathroom renovation with hot water underfloor heating system

Depending on your budget, you might like to read about bathroom renovation options with a Basic budget or a Mid-range budget.

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