Hometech gives us the "5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Solatube Skylights"

Refresh Renovations partner; Hometech gives us the lowdown on an amazing product that allows you to easily add natural light to any area of your home by installing a Solatube Skylight. Read their article to find out more.

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Here at Hometech, we’re always raving about our Solatube Skylights, and so do our raving customers all over New Zealand! Solatube is the pioneer of the daylighting industry and the global leader in tubular daylighting devices and is the best-known brand in the daylighting industry for a reason (or five).
We’re always committed to helping Kiwis create better and healthier living spaces, that’s why we bring the innovative Solatube Skylights to as many homes as possible. If you’re not familiar with this breakthrough technology but w ant to enjoy the benefits of the best daylighting solution worldwide, here are 5 reasons why your home needs Solatube skylights:  

1. Bountiful access to natural light.

As a pioneer of the daylighting industry and the global leader in tubular daylighting devices, Solatube has created the most innovative patented daylight-capturing dome lens. It redirects low-angle sunlight while rejecting overpowering midday sunlight to provide consistent, natural light throughout the day. And it’s no secret that we thrive in brighter spaces bathed in natural light – it improves levels of productivity, happiness, and our overall health. Natural light also helps fight against dampness and moisture in the home, reducing mould and mildew. Thanks to Solatube, you can have bountiful access to natural light in the darkest spaces in your home, whether that’s in the living room, hallway, bathroom, or the laundry.

2. It’s cost-effective.

Going for what gives us great value for our money is the smart choice, and that’s exactly what Solatube offers – a smart and cost-effective alternative to traditional skylights. Solatube as a standalone product, is inexpensive to install, eliminating the need for costly construction or reframing. The Solatube daylighting device also doesn’t require any power to run since all the technology is found within the Solatube, utilising patented technology to capture sunlight and provide bright, natural light so you won’t have to reach for the light switch during the day. Giving you significant savings on both installation and energy costs, Solatube is the smartest daylighting solution available today!
You can have a small Solatube installed from $1497.

3. Solatube is sustainable.

As the world continues to rely on technology, we also continue to rely on electrical energy to power our modern tech. This isn’t very environmentally-friendly, especially if our electricity is generated from non-sustainable sources. Thankfully in New Zealand, we rely on hydropower, geothermal power, and even wind energy to power our cities, but not entirely. The fight for renewable energy perseveres, so playing our own role in the home can make a big difference. Solatube will reduce your energy consumption by eliminating the need for turning on lighting fixtures, especially during the day when daylight is most available.

4. You can personalise.

The Solatube Daylighting System combines art and science to create efficient and customisable daylighting solution tailored to your home’s needs. There’s a wide range of Solatube accessories such as cost-effective supplementary LED lighting, daylight dimmers or effect lenses, and ventilation kits. We will always try to add as much value to your daylighting system so your home can be brighter and healthier, so rest assured there’s a Solatube solution for you!

5. Installation is a breeze.

Getting a Solatube doesn’t require thousands of dollars in daylighting renovations. Its technology is complex but we’ve made installation quick and easy! Within a few hours, you can have a Solatube installed in your roof by a Certified Installer. The whole process is seamless, clean, and easy - ask us about same day installation service!

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