Saleem A. Jalil is the founder of Atelier Set Architecture. He has over 19 years of practical experience in the fields of design, planning, architecture and construction. He has also worked closely with cutting-edge international architects. Before that Saleem worked with international architecture practice Zaha Hadid and The Office for Metropolitan Architecture. He also spearheaded the implementation of the Eko Atlantic master plan, a land reclamation project in Lagos.


Saleem qualified as an architect in Lebanon in the year 2000. He went on to earn his master’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association. He then completed his diploma in Project & Enterprise Management from the University College London. Saleem is currently studying Spatial Planning at Oxford Brookes University to further cement his knowledge in project development.


Saleem is an experienced and driven architect. He is passionate about efficiency in design and enjoys the planning and design process leading up to construction. He has accumulated a wide range of transferable skills and is highly passionate about strategic planning. His passion for design extends to property development, town planning and technological projects.

Saleem is currently laser-focused on residential housing design and the best practices for delivering sustainably efficient design solutions.

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