Guy Allenby - Sydney Renovation Specialist

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Role: Renovation Specialist
Region: Sydney - Inner West, Inner South West
Construction Manager: Dimitrios Koutsouras
B/L number: 317811C
Legal Entity: HAUS Co. Pty Ltd

HAUS Co. Pty Ltd in NSW is an independent franchisee of Refresh Renovations


HIA member, you're in good hands

Before joining Refresh Renovations Guy served a 25+ year apprenticeship writing, thinking and advising about home renovation, architecture and interior design via the pages of many of Australia’s leading newspapers and lifestyle magazines. Guy is a past Design Editor at Belle Magazine, ex-Domain Editor at the Sydney Morning Herald and he has written countless articles, published both here and overseas, about building, extending, re-imagining and re-inventing the contemporary home.

Guy’s peak skill is understanding and interpreting clients’ hopes and needs for their home – within the bounds of a realistic budget – and being the agent, intermediary and key point-of-contact for turning a renovation dream into reality. He’s a strong advocate for good design and innovation mediated by an understanding that smooth and achievable renovations are all about navigating a middle path in design/construction.  This is the path, in other words, that marries a homeowner’s taste and wishes with the right design support (depending on the scale, complexity and scope of a particular project) alongside practical, streamlined and expert construction management.

Guy is the author of a couple of architecture and design books, has a Masters Degree in Communications and has worked with a number of leading architecture and design practices furnishing their written and communication needs. When he’s not obsessing about renovation and design, you’ll likely find him on his road bike, reading a good book or binge-watching the latest Netflix series. 

Renovation builders and office staff:  Dimitrios Koutsouras


Bridge Rd, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

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