State of the art technology

Refresh knows that renovations can be a complex process and involve a lot of detail that needs to be managed. The construction timeline also needs to be carefully managed, the right trades need to be on the job in the right order at the right time. Therefore Refresh has invested heavily in our Project Management and IT systems, there is a massive productivity gain to be made from efficiently managing a project.

Other building companies and smaller ‘one-man-band’ builders don’t have these systems and try manage project ‘on the fly’ leading to delays and massive inefficiencies. These builders tend to blow out their original costings and go way over budget leaving the home owner with a unexpected cost and delay.

We use our own proprietary project management system to manage your project on a day-to-day basis. All our on-site builders can login to this system to send updates to the project manager and upload photos and videos of progress. It’s a fantastic system for keeping everyone involved in a project in the loop.

You can even login to the system yourself to see how your project is tracking and see photos and videos from the project site.

From your initial enquiry we use technology to make sure you’re kept in the loop right through until you’re in your finished home. Our constant investment in technology means your renovation will run smoother and faster.

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