From kitchen remodelling projects through to large home extensions and full home renovations, Our Leeds and North Yorkshire Renovations Consultants, Sophia and Francisco are ready to help! 

Our first UK franchisee’s to take on two regions at once, this dream team are the perfect combination of technical knowledge, financial intelligence and business acumen. With Francisco’s attention to detail, and Sophia’s budgetary skills combined with a creative eye, your project will stay on track, adhering to timelines and budgets. 

Bringing Refresh Renovations to Leeds and North Yorkshire

Francisco and Sophia are ready to help homeowners wanting to renovate their properties! Using the bespoke Refresh model, our Leeds and North Yorkshire Renovation Consultants are able to ensure that renovation projects are managed fully, using trusted and tested contractors for quality finished projects.

Hassle Free Home Renovations

Sophia and Francisco understand the importance of properly managing a design and build project, having seen their friends and family members experience the typical difficulties that arise from the traditional building process.

“We witnessed friends and family, time and again struggle to get trades to quote or complete work in an organised, timely manner, so we understand the customers need for projects to manage timelines and budget, and Refresh’s process solves all of these issues”

Francisco and Sophia look forward to helping their customers achieve their home renovation dreams!



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