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Thank you for all of your brilliant guidance and support during our bathroom renovation. The project ran so smoothly - all thanks to you. And we are absolutely thrilled with the final result.

It can feel like more money at the beginning, but the trade relationships and knowledge are already in place, so we saved money and the speed that everything happened in was incredible.

Sally and Nick Loannides

Our project was handled by Mike & the refresh team. We were very happy with the whole experience. Mike was very easy to deal with & the work completed to a high standard.

Rozanne Latimer

We had a good experience with the renovation – and Jim was great to work with. For novices like us, he brought experience to the table and was easy to deal with.  Where any issues cropped up, Jim was quick to provide a solution and act upon it. I found Jim really fantastic to deal with. He would put our minds at ease and often put up with me phoning him when he was at home with his family. I can only imagine how difficult our renovations would have been if we didn't have Jim at the helm.

Alex Larsen and Amy Hensley

I have lived in a California Bay Window Bungalow for 18 ½ years.  When I bought this house I made some structural changes and refurbished the entire interior and exterior.

Last year I decided to refurbish again and engaged a kitchen only firm to upgrade my kitchen.  That firm did not undertake the project management aspects and it was left to me to arrange tradespeople, appliances, floor treatments etc.  I live in Greenlane and work at Red Beach so it was very difficult to project manage the kitchen renovation from a long distance, I often had to drive home to make an on the spot decision.

When I embarked on Stage 2 I decided to engage a firm specialising in renovations which would also undertake the project management for me.  That’s how I met Jim Gleeson from Refresh Renovations. I interviewed a number of people/firms and it was easy to choose Jim because he clearly knew what he was talking about, listened to me (very important!) and was a thoroughly nice guy.  We are much more inclined to do business with people we like and I liked Jim immediately.

Last summer we started on the outside and painted the entire exterior, I was going to have the roof painted, Jim advised that it was time to have it replaced and went up on the roof and took lots of photos to show me what he was talking about.  It was obvious it wouldn’t last much longer and I agreed we needed to replace the roof.   Jim sourced all the options and we were able to agree on a material and colour all by email – very convenient!

The exterior painters did a wonderful job and the new roof makes the outside look very smart.   While we were at it we also upgraded the insulation in the ceiling and re-stained the deck.

Back inside for the winter and we painted the whole inside, installed two completely new bathrooms, central sound system, replaced all the hardware, door hinges, window fasteners, replaced all the light fittings, replaced lots of floorboards with recycled matai sanded and polyurethaned the entire floor.

Throughout this time my dog and I lived in the house – we shifted out for 3 days only when the floors were being sanded and polished.

When it came to choosing tiles and fixtures for the bathrooms Jim set aside a day and took me to plumbing and tile showrooms and I selected everything needed to complete both bathrooms.  That was a huge time saving for me and great to be able to get on the spot advice from Jim.

I would love to be able to say that everything proceeded without a hitch and all went to plan…  Hardly ever works out like that and this was no exception.  The tile supplier sent some incorrect tiles which meant a delay in one of the bathrooms.  The electrician put his foot through the ceiling but, no drama, it was fixed and looks just like it always did.  The piece de resistance is a wall shelving unit which Jim helped me sketch up and Jim selected a cabinet maker and just like that it was done.

The finishing touches were the carpet and window treatments which I arranged myself and Jim organized tiling the concrete paths outside.  When I get all the spare furniture out of the garage I will have that carpeted and it will be finished with a big sigh of relief.

What did I like about this project?
- Working with Jim was the highlight – he made everything so much easier because of his expertise and experience and sound advice.   Nothing was a bother even when in my blonder moments I forgot what I had decided or changed my mind.  Jim was always happy to cater for all the added extras I had along the way – things like bolting the safe to the floor, redesigning the shoe storage in my closet, fixing the letter box and lots of other things I either forgot at the start or thought of along the way
- Every day I had an update via email on the project plan, what was underway, what was completed and who was responsible.  That was a real plus as what had happened that day was updated on the project planner immediately.  It makes one feel a real part of the whole thing.
- The tradespeople whom I met - most days I left the house before they arrived and returned after they had left.  Tony the builder and Matt the electrician were lovely and always had good suggestions.
- I didn’t once have to dash home to make a decision – a real bonus!
- They didn’t let my dog escape… truly legend
- Having fixed price quotes for everything made budgeting and cash flow a breeze
- I just love the end result

I am happy to recommend Refresh Renovations and Jim Gleeson to anyone who is considering renovating their home.  A great service at a known price and really lovely people to deal with.

Thanks a million!

Winsome Stretch

Having recently returned to New Zealand and as a new resident in Hawkes Bay, I was finding the process of renovating my newly purchased 1950's house daunting. I had no knowledge of local trades people or costs, and the quotes I was being given varied so greatly that I didn't know where to start!
Then I met Bev and Dennis from Refresh, and all my problems melted away.   They took my list of what I wanted, interviewed trades people and came back with a price. As in all renovations it was beyond my budget, so they worked with me to define what was actually needed, and how much we could do with the money I had.
They coordinated and managed the documentation and council requirements, purchased fixtures and fittings, ensured the "tradies" turned up when required and that the work they did was of a high standard,  kept me up to date with what was happening when I was out of town, and ensured there were no unexpected cost over runs. Their ongoing suggestions on how to maximise my limited budget and to best utilise existing spaces were much appreciated, and demonstrated their experience.
People talk about the stress of renovating.... I can honestly say that working with Bev and Dennis took the stress away, and left me able to enjoy the adventure of seeing a wonderful home appear within the walls of a previously unloved house.

Corinne Vincent

We found Mike and the Refresh Team very easy to deal with. Everything was upfront and easy to understand. Communication was very good. They delivered on what we wanted promptly, and the work was to a very high standard. We are happy to recommend them to anyone wanting a stress-free renovation

Rozanne and Mark Latimer

Refresh Renovations is a forward thinking innovative company, providing nationwide marketing and professional support. More than thirty Kiwi’s nationwide are operating their own successful Refresh franchises. Watch some of our current Refresh Renovations franchisees talk about their experiences.

Owning a Refresh Renovations franchise

After having suffered a series of botched bathroom renovations over the span of many years, I decided to employ Refresh Renovations. For 14 years we hadn’t enjoyed using our two bathrooms and we had a considerable leaking problem from both showers.

From the moment Refresh were engaged, Charmaine, our project manager, took a quiet yet totally reliable control of the project. Together with thoroughly professional builders (Gareth and Boe), plumbers (Graham and Connor), tiliers (Andreas and Peter) and glass installer (Phil), they left us with beautiful bathrooms which we can enjoy. The tiliers were so good I got them to retile the kitchen as well!

Thanks to everyone involved. You restored my faith in New Zealand’s building profession.


Lia and team, 

Thank you so much for making our bathroom renovation so easy and for taking care of all the details for us, especially in seeking out all the fixtures and fittings we wanted and in managing the schedule and tradies. The whole experience was very low stress and now we have a light and modern bathroom instead of a dark outdated one – wonderful. 


We searched the internet and found Refresh, I’m very glad we did. It would have been very hard to organise it all ourselves. There were so many different people involved. If you have a project manager, they make sure everything gets done. It makes life so much easier.

Sarah Lange and Dean McDougall

I engaged Refresh Renovations because I work full time. I wanted only to be making decisions and paying bills, not trying to coordinate everything and being responsible for tradespeople. It has worked out perfectly.

Catherine Simpson

I’ve done a few renovations and it’s never been as easy as with Refresh

Steve and Carmela

They project manage the renovation from start to finish! This took the stress out of having to organise different contractors for each component of the renovation and meant there would be just one point of call for any issues that might arise.

Hayley and Simon Nolan

Guy was the first person who understood what we wanted, he always got back to us, answered our questions and asked us more. He remained engaged. They respected the fact that we were living here, I know that made it difficult for them, but they’ve always cleaned up so we never had to worry about coming home to a pigsty.

Jackie and Craig Rich

We worked closely in collaboration with Refresh project manager Matt, and all the different trades that came. We told them what we wanted and they walked us through every step.

Rodger Walford and Miriama Scott

Our Architectural Designer put us in touch with Refresh Renovations. They believe in collaborative relationships and were always open to our ideas and suggestions. We needed to trust the experts to guide us through this.

Heather and Paul O’Brien

Franchise lawyer, Scott Goodwin's professional testimonialTo whom it may concern,

We have been impressed with the professional and polished approach taken by the team at Traffic in their establishment and roll-out of the Refresh Renovation franchise operation.

Traffic’s approach, and Refresh’s processes and systems appear to be second to none.  They are certainly far more advanced than a number of other franchise systems that we have had contact with.  Our view is that the team at Traffic and Refresh are proactive, innovative, well-organised, smart, professional and committed to excellence.

As their lawyers, we have seen first hand how satisfied potential Refresh Renovations franchisees are in terms of the process of introduction to the system and subsequent conversion to franchisees.
The roll-out of the Refresh franchise operation has been able to be brought to market extremely quickly without any compromise in quality – Refresh had their first four franchisees signed up within four months of opening their doors to franchising.

Opportunities will certainly come knocking to this franchised business, and we would recommend them, and Traffic, without hesitation.

Yours faithfully

cott Goodwin

Scott Goodwin - Franchise Lawyer

Guy has grown from 4 guys to 20 in a year since he purchased a Refresh Renovation franchise. "Refresh is a good thing to get into," says Guy.

Guy Cobcroft Testimonial

When we decided we wanted to make improvements to our home, Refresh were the obvious choice. They gave us a detailed quote for the work, which seemed very reasonable. With their professional and friendly approach, we felt confident that the work would be of a high quality. There was regular communication with us as the project progressed, and when we wanted to make changes, the project manager was very helpful in trying to do exactly what we wanted.

We were very happy with our new ceiling and kitchen, and would definitely recommend Refresh to others wanting to renovate their home.

Kelvin and Ali

We recently did a major extension on our 1940’s brick bungalow.  After tendering the project with 5 different building companies, we feel that we made a great decision in employing Mark and Kendal.  Throughout the process they were able to work well with our ideas while also bringing to the table plenty of their own knowledge and flair to the project.  We found both Mark and Kendal to be honest and hard working with an amazing team of professional builders and sub-contractors behind them.  The project was delivered to us on time and on budget.  This was a big project for us and made an enjoyable experience, thanks to the great team at Refresh Renovations.

Gavin and Janice Hutton