Kelley Malcher - Surrey builders (and surrounding areas)
Project description
Remodelling the first floor of the home
Nov 2019
Project duration
5 Months
Actual cost
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Refresh Surrey provided these homeowners with a tasteful and cosy home makeover.

WORDS Mina Phillips

The master bedroom should feel like a haven within any home - a space of relaxation and privacy. When the owners of this Water Lane property decided to remodel the entire first floor of their home, updating the master bedroom and ensuite was high on their list of priorities. They met with Refresh’s Surrey and Hampshire Renovation Consultant Kelley Malcher, who guided them through the design and build process.

Home renovation ideas

The first step in the process was for Kelley to hear out her client’s ideas. Kelley carefully noted their specifications before moving onto the concept and feasibility of their design.

“For this project, the client wanted a complete remodel of the first floor, with an amazing new master suite”, tells Kelley. “We collaborated with local joiners who replaced the wooden windows while Refresh strengthened the outer walls, the internal floors and moved load bearing walls to reflect the new designs. The client also wanted a new walk-in wardrobe, and we needed to strengthen the floor in the master bedroom. We also included behind-the-scenes details such as moving and upgrading the central heating as well as adding air conditioning to the master suite.”  

With a plan in place, Kelley was able to present her clients with a final design as well as a project quote of £90,000. Kelley’s clients approved the design and asked Kelley and her team to take care of the entirety of the renovation.

House renovation

A new ensuite was built and decorated alongside the guest bedroom, with modern features being interwoven into the design. The homeowners decided on a classic grey colour palette, which Kelley described as “a current trend within the majority of new bathrooms”.

“The white walls brighten the space, whilst the dark grey tiling in the shower adds contrast and character to the room”, explains Kelley. “Along with a matching bath mat and a wall-hung sink and cabinet, all of the details and items complement each other and bring the ensuite together perfectly.”

The makeover of the master bedroom’s neighbouring ensuite exudes the feel of a modern, luxurious escape. A freestanding bathtub is positioned on wood-effect tiles and provides a peaceful view of the garden through French doors. Despite the bathroom’s modern appearance, there are a few eclectic features - including a “quirky basin and bath taps” through to multiple modern fixtures. Kelley’s team also installed a walk-in Porcelanosa tiled shower, complete with a light-up alcove and bespoke shower screen.

The final result

“The whole bathroom has an elegant contemporary design”, concludes Kelley.

While the new bathrooms are stunning, it’s the updated master bedroom which really completes the “wow factor”. 

“Each bedroom has been tastefully decorated, with bespoke custom built wardrobes installed”, tells Kelley. “In the master bedroom, a statement plum colour palette was used to create a contrast with the grey bespoke cupboards and white walls. Textured wallpaper tiling adds a modern touch to the room, along with the finer detailing, such as the pendant lights above the bed head, and internal wardrobe lighting. The end product gives off a cosy and warm feel while retaining a contemporary design.”

For the quoted £90,000, Kelley has provided her clients with a beautiful new home which provides an elegant oasis for them to enjoy. For years to come, they will be able to relax in a home with a luxurious resort-style feel - every day of the week.


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